Weyhill/Yaffa Site

One of the worst cases of illegal dumping in recent years is that which occurred on the S. Yaffa & Sons, Inc. (the Yaffa) Site.  For a period exceeding three years, nearly two entire blocks of private property in the Bergen Square section of the City of Camden have been subjected to illegal dumping and the storage of imported contaminated fill material by the operator/owner of the site. The mounds of more than 40,000 cubic yards of solid waste—including contaminated soil, construction and demolition debris—rise to up to 45 feet or over two stories in height.  These piles engulf the 600 Block of Chestnut Street and loom over its surrounding residential neighbors. Sampling of the soil pile material indicates the soil is contaminated with metals, pesticides, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds at levels similar to historic fill material that is found throughout the City of Camden.  Prior to importation of the fill material, this site was allegedly used as a junkyard.
On behalf of the City, Camden Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is tasked with conducting the environmental assessment and cleanup.
Accomplishments to date:
  • County Health Violation:  Under the authority provided by local health ordinances, Camden County issued a notice of violation on August 12, 2022. The owners of the Yaffa property were given 30 days to remove the contaminated soil.  Upon expiration of the 30-day period, the owners failed to abate the public health issue by removing the contaminated soil piles.  This prompted the City of Camden, via CRA, to proceed to enforce the ordinance. On September 26, 2022, the locks to the gates were cut and removed.  Removal of all soil pile material is on track to be completed in 2023.
  • Property Ownership:  Due to unpaid property taxes, the City of Camden was able to foreclose on the Block 331 portion of the property in November 2022.  The City is now the owner of the Block 331 tax lots.
  • Funding for Soil Pile Removal:  Over $5 million in funding has been secured to conduct the environmental investigation and remove the soil piles from this site:
    • NJEDA’s Brownfield Impact Fund:  $157,142 grant
    • CRA’s Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund: $164,560 grant
    • State Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund: $54,765.32 grant
    • City Allocation of Federal Pandemic Relief Money and State Transitional aid: up to $5 million grant
  • CRA will oversee removal of the soil piles in three phases.  The Agency has completed the first two phases. The final phase of soil pile removals will start in October 2023.
  • During the testing of the soil piles, 15 drums were discovered on this property.  CRA removed and properly disposed of the drums in March 2023.
  • After the soil piles are removed from Block 331, CRA will conduct an environmental assessment to ensure that any remaining contamination is addressed.

New Fellowship Street UAME Church, 722 Chestnut Street, Camden NJ 08103 at 5:30 PM
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Site Map: Click HERE
Site Map for Soil Removal: Click HERE 

Soil Piles B and C Removal in October 2023
Location: 618 Chestnut Street (BLOCK 331, LOTS 41, 48-50, 52, 54-65, 67, 75, 80 & 114)
Contractor Work Plan for Soil Piles B and C Removal: Click HERE for work plan
Truck Route: Click HERE 

Yaffa Soil Pile Removal Schedule:  October 2023 to February 2024 (anticipated)
Soil Pile D Removal Completed March 2023
Location: 1112-1114 S. 6th Street 
Contractor Work Plan for Soil Pile D Removal: Click HERE for work plan

Soil Pile A Removal Completed May 2023    
Location: 619 - 635 Chestnut Street  
Contractor Work Plan for Soil Pile A Removal: Click HERE for work plan   

Live Camera Feed: https://share.earthcam.net/tJ90CoLmq7TzrY396Yd88GXoHacZNtJxa1wCII6E7v4!/soil_removal_project/camera/view_1              

Waste Pile Sample Results:
NJDEP 2020 Sampling Data Summary:  https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/2oGVl9LgSp
CRA 2022 Sampling Data Summaries: https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/akk5GPerxJ

Drum Sample Results:
CRA 2022 Sampling Data Summary:  https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/q480C2fvrM
Drum Removal Report: Click HERE

Soil Piles and Drum Removal Waste Characterization Data
1.  Camden RDA - 6th St Soil Pile - WC-1
2.  CRA - 619-635 Chestnut
3.  Drum Char SGS Lab data
4.  J267195-1 UDS Level 2 Report Pile A
5.  J267197-1 UDS Level 2 Report Pile B1
6.  J267298-1 UDS Level 2 Report Pile B2
7.  J267346-1 UDS Level 2 Report Pile B3
8.  J267687-1 UDS Level 2 Report Pile C
9.  WC 1-2-3 10132023
10.WC 1-2-3 Semi-Volatiles 10042023

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