Pursuant to the New Jersey Local Redevelopment and Housing Law, N.J.S.A. 40A: 12A- 8 and the City of Camden   ordinance   MC-  2322,  the  work   of  the  Camden   Redevelopment Agency  focuses  on  implementing redevelopment plans and carrying out redevelopment projects in an area in need of redevelopment, or in an area in need of rehabilitation, or in both.  Among its redevelopment activities  are clearance, replanning, the conservation and rehabilitation of any structure or improvement, the construction and provision for construction of residential, commercial, industrial, public or other structures and the grant or dedication of spaces as may be appropriate or necessary in the interest of the general welfare for streets, parks, playgrounds, or other public purposes, including recreational and other facilities incidental or appurtenant thereto, in accordance with the redevelopment plan.